Danny McKeever’s FAST LANE – home of Toyota Racing School and Defensive Driving Academy

Danny McKeever’s FAST LANE – home of Toyota Racing School and Defensive Driving Academy

By Vince Bodiford

Driving-School-1Every real car enthusiast also loves the pure joy of driving. And the best driving occurs on a closed road course – where skills are refined and the limits of performance for both car and driver are tested. We’ve attended several driving schools over the years, and one of the best in based at Willow Springs, California – the Danny McKeever FAST LANE Driving Academy. We attended the one-day driving program and used the school’s cars, and we found the instructors, cars, and team to be exceptional. This is a great activity for car enthusiasts, and makes a great gift idea for anyone you know who loves cars and driving.

For nearly 20 years, Fast Lane Racing School has been the Official Racing School of Toyota Racing. Danny McKeever, owner and founder, has been instructing since 1967 and has been heavily involved as well as Chief Instructor for nearly 30 years of Toyota’s Pro/Celebrity race held each year at Long Beach. Fast Lane and Danny continually work to provide world-class instruction to Professionals and Celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, George Lucas, Tanner Foust, Patrick Dempsey, Danica Patrick and many more… Fast Lane Racing School operates at the world-famous Willow Springs Raceway, located in the greater Los Angeles area.

“I truly love what I do and take pride in how we run our schools. I’m still having way too much fun! The Driving-School-2checkered flag hasn’t dropped on this old time racer yet!” – Danny McKeever, Chief Instructor and CEO

In 1953, Daniel McKeever III attended his very first sports car race at the Palm Springs Airport. It was then and there that his love affair with motorsports began. It was an immediate and powerful connection and at the tender age of 13 all he wanted to do was buy a sports car. At 19, he had earned enough money to buy a 1954 Austin Healey 100-4 and it didn’t take him long to learn how to work on the cars he loved so much. His racing career began with hill climbs and autocrosses and quickly moved to road racing at age 23 when he participated in his very first race at Pomona Fair Grounds in Pomona, CA.

Danny started teaching for the California Sports Car Club region of the SCCA racing school over forty years ago. Before he was thirty years old, Danny, along with three other instructors, started the first SCCA Solo-1 driving school at Riverside Raceway (a now defunct racetrack in Riverside, CA) and became Chief Instructor, developing the basic time trial rules that are still in effect today. In 1974, he became Chief Instructor for the California Sports Car Club racing school, a position he held for twelve years. The curriculum, tests, surveys, etc. that were developed during his tenure are still in use today. From 1986 until 1991, Danny was Chief Instructor for the Willow Springs International Raceway Racing School, which at that time was owned by track owner, Bill Huth.

It was also in 1986, over twenty years ago, that Danny proudly took over as Chief Instructor for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro/Celebrity Race, training every participant for this coveted annual event. He is always the first to credit his “people”, or his instructors, with helping him maintain this ongoing relationship and his number one instructor for this event is none other than his son, Dan McKeever IV. Danny is also called upon by Hollywood’s elite for stunt training, training in their own personal high performance vehicles or for a play day at the track.

In 1994, Danny partnered up and started Fast Lane Racing School, the official racing school of Toyota Motorsports, starting as Chief Instructor then becoming sole owner. He continues to run one of the most successful racing schools in the country. In 2003, he opened the doors of Defensive Driving Academy as an extension to the FAST LANE family. Although FAST LANE has an extremely talented staff of instructors, Danny typically teaches all high performance schools to this day.

Driving-School-3Prior to 1986, all of the teaching Danny did was on a volunteer basis as the clubs were for amateur drivers and staffed solely by volunteers. In 1986, he decided to see if he could make teaching a profession and turned his passion into a business. Teaching racing has always been the love of his life and to this day, he continues to volunteer at many of these clubs.

His love for motorsports, racing, and teaching was an enormous part of his life and it left its mark on his children as well. A successful race car driver himself, his son, Dan, currently oversees operations and the driving schools at Miller Motorsports Park. Although competitors, they’ll hire each other from time to time for special events. Dan has worked closely with Danny over the last 20 years on the Toyota Pro/Celebrity event.

For more information on FAST LANE Racing School, visit their web site at: www.raceschool.com

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